Why should I switch to LED lights?
LED lights use about 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lights and about 30% less energy than CFL lights. LED lights also don't contain mercury or lead or emit UV rays or infrared radiation. They can operate at cooler outdoor temperatures than other lights.

Why should I buy from Kingstar?
With more than 7 years of experience as a LED lighting manufacturer, we can offer a wide selection of electrical specialty products and provide great technical and sales support.

What if I find a similar product elsewhere for less?
At Kingstar, we offer a price matching guarantee. If you find an LED product with similar specifications for cheaper, we will match our competitor's price. We reserve the right to review, accept, or decline to match price based on the project or our inventory.

How long does shipping take?
All of our standard LED products are available for a quick delivery turnaround. We send sample orders within 3 business days.

What guarantee do you offer?
Our guarantee policy is that if our LEDs fail to work due to a failure caused by Kingstar, we will replace it at no charge to you.

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