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5W LED Pixel Light

1. Can be programmed to control multiple simultaneous changes
2. Can be realized simultaneously colorful, jump changing, scanning, running water and other full color changing effects
3. Can be composed of multiple point light source matrix screen, change a variety of pictures, text, animation, etc.
4. Low power, long life

Light Source:SMD5050 RGB Triple
Brand:Taiwan Epistar
Maximum Power :1.5W
LED Color:RGB Full Color
Grey Scale Level:255*255*255
Color Range:16.77 million species
Beam Angle:140°
Input Voltage:DC24V
Drive Mode:20mA Constant Drive
Control Protocol:DMX512
Technological Innovation: Parallel control, any or a few points dead can’t influence other points
Cable:5 core side line
IP Rate:IP68
Environment Temperature:-20℃~50℃
Storage Temperature:-40℃~70℃
Life Span:≥30000 hrs

Control system
1. Video player
2. Fiber optic transceivers
3. Super-Cat5E network cable
4. Data distribution server
5. Cat5E network cable
6. Single-mode optical fiber
7. When the transmission distance is longer than 100 meters, the fiber optic should be used.
8. Super-Cat5E network cable
9. Gigabit network switch
10. LED master controller
11. Signal receiver
12. Signal cable
13. LED light 1~680
14. LED light 1~680
15. LED light 1~680
16. LED light 1~680
17. LED light 1~680
1. LED pixel light
2. Wire rope clip
3. Controller
4. 12V(piece)
5. DC Input power
6. DC Input power
7. DC Input power

1. Outdoor advertising LED signs
2. LED curtain wall screen, dot matrix screen
3. Building contour lighting and other peripheral lighting applications

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